OneClick Billpay

Pay bills like this...Woman with laptop and credit card

...So you can do more of this!Family unpacking a minivan


OneClick Billpay will give you the ability to:

Make single or recurring payments

Send expedited payments (extra charge)

Pay bills from multiple accounts

Make account-to-account inter-bank transfers

Make person-to-person electronic payments and much more!

OneClick will also enable you to:

Track check payments

View check images and payment history

Receive text alerts and payment reminders

Store payment history for up to 18 months

Set up and receive E-Bills if companies offer them


*You must be enrolled in Netteller to have access to the OneClick Billpay service. To enroll in OneClick Billpay, please click on the "Billpay" tab of your Netteller. If you are currently using the existing Billpay service, you do NOT need to re-enroll.