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Text Banking

Text Banking brings Online Banking to any text-enabled mobile phone or device regardless of make, model or service provider. You can check account balances and transaction history. Since there are no logins or passwords, it is fast and convenient!
This is a free service for our Online Banking customers. You can activate Text Banking through your Online Banking account. Under Options, select Mobile Banking and Text Mobile Settings.

Activating Text Banking

You must have an active Online Banking account to activate Text Banking. You will also need your mobile number and carrier name. Some phone carriers disable SMS short-codes by default. Please verify that SMS short-codes are unblocked for your mobile account.
  • Login to Online Banking and click the Options button.
  • Click the Mobile Banking button.
  • Click the Text Mobile button
  • Check the box to enable text access for your mobile phone.
  • Check the boxes of the account you want text access from and create a short name for each account.

Text Commands

bal = all acct bal
bal acct name = single acct bal
hist = all accts recent activity
hist acct name = single acct activity
help = commands
stop = cancel

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