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Your transactions at Hometown Bank of Pennsylvania are handled with the utmost of care and safety. We work with cutting-edge technology partners to ensure that the most secure environment is made possible for all of our customers. We offer you worry-free internet banking.

Your Password

You will be responsible for maintaining one of the most important security measures: your password. When you receive your online banking password, be sure to keep it a secret. Memorize it or write it down and keep it in a safe place. Do not carry it with you in your purse or wallet. Make sure no one watches you enter your password and always close your browser when leaving the computer. Make sure you regularly scan your computer for viruses that could be used to capture password keystrokes. You ultimately hold the key to your password security.

Hometown Bank of Pennsylvania will never ask for confidential information through regular e-mail or by telephone. We will never ask for your password or PIN through e-mail, via the telephone or in person. On our website, we will never ask for your full social security number or PIN. If someone identifies himself or herself as a Bank employee and asks for these items, please take caution. They do not represent Hometown Bank of Pennsylvania. Do not reveal your information to them. Promptly report all suspicious activity to Hometown Bank of Pennsylvania.

We have included additional security documents below:

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